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Cover image for aespa Drop Surprise Song Illusion & Release Tracklist For Comeback Album
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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aespa Drop Surprise Song Illusion & Release Tracklist For Comeback Album

We are getting so much news about the upcoming aespa comeback. Just two days ago fans were asking SM Entertainment to schedule aespa’s next comeback soon as it has been a long time since their last official release, Savage. In just two days, not only did we get an announcement about it finally happening, we also got a tracklist for their upcoming mini album, and a surprise song release.

On 1 June, the girl group dropped their song Illusion and a lyric video for it on Youtube. This was a surprise release as neither the girls nor their company, SM Entertainment had made any previous announcements about it coming out. Fans were excited to hear the song and claim that although it is brighter than aespa’s usual sound (minus Dreams Come True and Forever of course), the track still seems right up their alley due to it’s futuristic vibe. Check it out below!

The very same day, 1 June, the tracklist for aespa’s upcoming mini album, Girls, was also revealed. The album will have a total of nine songs including Illusion, some of their previous releases like Black Mamba, Dreams Come True and Forever, and four new songs Girls, Lingo, Life’s Too Short and KU. Girls is listed as the title track for the album and an English version of Life’s Too Short is also included in the album.

aespa will release the English version of Life’s Too Short as a pre-release on 24. It is also the ‘new song’ they performed at Coachella back in April. SM Entertainment has also announced that they are partnering with Warner Records for the distribution of the upcoming mini album in the U.S.

Additionally, aespa were also announced as Apple Music’s Up Next artists for June. Apple Music has already released an exclusive film and interview with the members for it.

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Cover Photo: Twitter/aespa_official

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