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Cover image for WJSN’s Seola and Exy Involved In An Accident, Starship Entertainment Releases Official Announcement
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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WJSN’s Seola and Exy Involved In An Accident, Starship Entertainment Releases Official Announcement

Two members of the girl group WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls), Exy and Seola, have been involved in a car accident.

The management company for WJSN, Starship Entertainment, announced in a statement that both members and their manager had been in a car accident earlier today (31 August) on the way to their planned activities for the day. The organization added that they were quickly taken to the closest emergency room and escaped the incident without suffering any serious injuries.

Exy and SeolA's schedules will be adjusted "according to their stability and recovery," the company added, adding that they plan to announce new ones soon.

Read Starship Entertainment's official statement below:

Hello. This is Starship Entertainment.
Today (31 August), WJSN' Exy and SeolA had a car accident while traveling to the province due to their schedule.
Neither the members nor the manager were seriously injured, and they were quickly taken to the emergency room for diagnosis and treatment.
A thorough examination confirmed that both members had no fractures, but they did have muscle pain and bruises that required additional treatment.
As per the opinion of the medical staff, we will put the artist's health first, and do our best to help the members stabilize and recover so that there are no aftereffects.
Their schedule will be adjusted according to their stability and recovery and we will announce it (already scheduled appointments again) later.
We apologize for causing concern to the fans and concerning officials.
Thank You.

WJSN made their comeback earlier this year with the release of "Last Sequence," which was accompanied by a stunning music video for the album's titular title track and featured the winning Queendom 2 singles "Aura" and "Done," both of which member Exy co-wrote.

We hope Exy and Seola recover quickly!

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/WJSN_Cosmic

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