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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Viviz and Former Gfriend Member SinB Dishes On Gfriend Disbanding, And Facing Depression

SinB, a member of the trio Viviz and former member of Gfriend, recently spoke on her former group’s disbandment, facing a slump and getting into a depressive state of mind, and Gfriend’s strong friendship bond and a possible future reunion.

In a four minute long video posted on IDOLLIVE Youtube channel on 4 March, the idol opened up about her experiences and how she feels about debuting again.

The video opens with SinB talking about how she stopped watching her fancams since Gfriend’s Fever promotions back in 2019 because she wasn’t satisfied with her performances. Seeing herself on stage and watching her fancams was something she says she really enjoyed before. This is when she says her slump started.

“This slump lasted a while. It went until our last album. I was really down,” she states before adding that this went on till Gfriend’s last comeback as a full group with Mago in 2020. SinB, apparently, didn’t expect this depressive state to last so long so she states that she regrets pushing herself to keep singing and dancing in that state when she had no motivation to do so.

Then, talking about her recent debut with two other former Gfriend members - Eunha and Umji as Viviz, she states she is very eager and motivated right now to do her best during performances and promotional activities.

In the same interview, the idol also talked about the strong friendship all six Gfriend members still have with each other. She mentioned that the group had been facing tough situations for a while before their disbandment and how they didn’t know how to break the news about their disbandment to their fans. “If you watch our V Live broadcasts from about a month before the news broke, the members will suddenly start crying in the middle. There are clips of the members crying while watching videos of the fans cheering us on,” she says.

SinB also explained why Viviz doesn't have a leader saying, “Honestly, I believe that Gfriend will get back together again one day to release an album or do something as a group. So we decided amongst ourselves, ‘We don’t need more than one leader: Sowon is enough. So let’s not pick a leader.’ And we didn’t choose a new leader.”

Check out the full video below and leave your thoughts on this below!

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