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Cover image for T.O.P Opens Up About His Love For Art & How It Helped Him Overcome A Difficult Period
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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T.O.P Opens Up About His Love For Art & How It Helped Him Overcome A Difficult Period

Trigger Warning: This article contains mentions of sensitive topics like depression and suicide.

Bigbang member T.O.P has been out of the limelight for 5 years now. The idol has been keeping a low profile since Bigbang went on hiatus in 2017 to fulfill their military services. And now the idol rapper has opened up about idol life, Bigbang, their upcoming album - among other things - in an exclusive interview with Prestige Hong Kong magazine.

Talking about art, T.O.P mentions that he has loved looking at beautiful art since he was a child. He states that as a child who was suffering with depression, but looking at and pondering over incredible art pieces relaxed him. He states that since he was labeled as an ‘extra sensitive’ person ever since his childhood, he used to spend a lot of time and effort analyzing art to get over his sensitivity.

Another incident where art helped him get over serious personal troubles was when he was in the military but got a lot of hate for use of marijuana. This was considered a major scandal among Korean Kpop fans and the general public as using marijuana is illegal in the country.

“This is the first time I’ve spoken this publicly, but I did try to commit suicide about five years ago,” says T.O.P - further stating that it was “the worst moment” of his life. He also admitted that this incident affected him so much that he seriously considered quitting music.

Fortunately, he did not. What’s more is that he created more music than ever before after this difficult moment in his life. The rapper mentions that the only thing that kept him going during that time was his love of music and creating music.

We at Kpoppr consider T.O.P very brave for discussing such difficult topics so openly. How do you feel about this? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Cover Photo Source: Flickr/Koreanet Cropped License: CC-By-SA2.0

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