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Cover image for Stayc To Comeback In July, Drop 1st Teaser
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Stayc To Comeback In July, Drop 1st Teaser

Girl group Stayc is prepping for another comeback soon!

High Up Entertainment, home to Stayc, stated on 30 June that the girl group will come back in July. They have apparently already finished shooting the music video and are currently working hard with the final preparations before showcasing and releasing it to their fans.

A day later, on 1 July, Stayc dropped the first teaser picture for the upcoming comeback. They uploaded a new colorful logo to all their social media accounts.

stayc we need love teaser poster

Photo Source: Twitter/STAYC_official

The group also revealed that the comeback is titled, We Need Love. Additionally, Stayc also announced that We Need Love will be released on 17 July.

This comeback will be a follow up to their last mini album,, released in February this year. Stayc achieved a lot of success with the track including the highest first-week sales of their career by selling over 150,000 copies of the album in the first seven days of release and winning seven music show number one trophies for the title track Run2U.

The girl group has been on an upward streak ever since they blew up last year with their first comeback, ASAP, which was a huge hit in South Korea.

In between the comebacks, the group also put out their light stick. They shared the design of the light stick on 3 June and put it up for sale from 7 June.

In other Stayc news, the group have been busy with some of their first in-person live stages at various concerts and shows like the Dream Concert and KCON. They have been wowing fans with their live performances and visuals, and the members seem to be enjoying performing in front of a crowd themselves. Check out their performances below!

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/STAYC_official

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