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Cover image for Stayc Return With Striking And Bold Run2U (Stayc Run2U Review)
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Stayc Return With Striking And Bold Run2U (Stayc Run2U Review)

Stayc girls are back with a new mini album YOUNG-LUV.COM and a music video for the title track, Run2U.

Run2U is a catchy retro synth track that seems more like a follow up to the sound and concept the group had back in their debut with So Bad than last year’s Asap and Stereotype which were lighter, teen crushy and brighter.

The mini album has five other songs all of which flow cohesively to produce the familiar ‘Stayc sound’ while still being distinctive enough to be memorable on their own. The other tracks on the album are Same Same, 247, Young Luv, Butterfly and I Want You Baby.

This comeback comes five months after their Staydom EP that was released back in September 2021. The title track for that, Stereotype, was well received by South Korean and international fans alike. And it seems like Stayc are well on their track to becoming one of the most successful fourth generation girl groups as they are only getting bigger, better and more popular with each comeback.

The first day sales for YOUNG-LUV.COM surpasses the first week sales of their last EP, Staydom by almost double the amount. 78,000 copies of YOUNG-LUV.COM were sold on the release day, according to data provided by Hanteo, which is a lot more compared to the first week sales of Staydom that was 43,000.

Cover Photo Source: Twitter/STAYC_official

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