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Cover image for Oh My Girl Binnie Is Changing Her Stage Name
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

Posted on • Updated on

Oh My Girl Binnie Is Changing Her Stage Name

Oh My Girl member Binnie will now go by her legal name for all her promotional activities as an artist.

Binnie, whose real name is Bae Yubin debuted as a member of Oh My Girl in 2015. She has been using the stage name, Binnie, ever since for all her idol activities.

Oh My Girls agency, WM Entertainment, released a statement on 19 January stating, “Oh My Girl’s Binnie will be changing her name to Yubin and will continue her various activities.”

Fans are speculating this might be indicating Yubin being more active as an actress in the future. She used to be a child actress prior to debuting in Oh My Girl.

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