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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Nike Releases Video On G Dragon’s PEACEMINUSONE x Nike Kwondo 1

G Dragon’s brand new collaboration with Nike, Kwondo 1 is releasing this December. And the brand has put out a Behind The Design video all about the making of the shoes.

Jupiter Desphy, who is a Senior Footwear Designer and is also involved in the designing process, walks us through the behind-the-scenes stories and references of the collaboration.

The video starts with Desphy praising G Dragon’s fashion legacy stating that he represents neither male nor female. He also added that the shoes “can just be represented and worn by anyone.”

Initially, GD apparently wanted to create a unique and original silhouette for his shoes taking some inspiration from the shape and styles of vintage running shoes. The final design of the shoes fall in line with GD’s personal preference for dress shoes while taking some inspiration from golf and bowling shoes.

Watch the full video here and state your thoughts in the comments!

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