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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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NewJeans Are Breaking Records With Their Pre-Debut Sales

NewJeans are debuting with a bang! Their pre-order numbers are making history and breaking records and they haven’t even debuted yet.

The pre-orders for the debut album of the new girl group NewJeans from Adore, a label under Hybe family, have exceeded 400,000 copies.

According to a report by the site Doorre published on 28 July, 444,000 copies of NewJeans' first mini-album 'New Jeans' have been pre-sold by 27 July which is only the third day after the pre-order started.

So, industry experts are certain that they will break the new record of all-time girl group debut albums. The previous record holder Le Sserafim’s 1st mini album 'FEARLESS' came out in May and sold over 307,000 copies in its first week. Le Seraphim is another girl group under Hybe - they are managed by Source Music.

NewJeans have already drawn attention through their unique concept created by Adore’s CEO and former SM Entertainment director, Min HeeJin. NewJeans debuted unexpectedly by surprise releasing the music video for 'Attention' on 22 July without any pre-promotion - they did not even introduce the members in advance.

The very next day, on 23 July, the group followed up by putting out the music video for their second title song 'Hype Boy'. Four versions of the music video have been released.

A day later, they also released the music video for another track, Hurt. Hurt is the only song released so far that isn’t a title track but a b-side ballad.

The group have also received positive attention from fans for their unique album packaging. The album package of the 'New Jeans Bag' version, contains pin-up books decorated with members' photos, photo cards, and CDs in a circular bag and fans loved this version so much - especially the circular mini bags - it got sold out immediately.

NewJeans' debut album 'NewJeans' will be released physically on the 8 August while it will be out digitally on 1 August. A music video for another title track, Cookie, will be released on 1 August.

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