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Cover image for Mamamoo Solar and Moonbyul To Debut As The Group’s First Sub-Unit, Reveal Name and First Teaser
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Ane Reyl

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Mamamoo Solar and Moonbyul To Debut As The Group’s First Sub-Unit, Reveal Name and First Teaser

Exciting news for all Moomoos! We’re getting our first Mamamoo sub-unit!

On 22 August, the group’s management company RBW said to Xports News, "Mamamoo's Solar and Moonbyul are preparing a unit album."

"The exact release date and specific details about the new album will be announced soon," they added.

Solar and Moonbyul will be the first unit group of Mamamoo. Fans are now greatly anticipating to see what these two members, who are actively promoting as solo artists right now, will show through their first unit formation.

While this will be their first ‘official’ sub-unit release - previously, at their first solo concert in 2016, Solar, Wheein, Moonbyul, and Hwasa formed a unit team for vocal line and rapper line, respectively.

Solar and Moonbyul are known to be close friends - so close in fact that they have their own nickname 'Yongkongbyeol-kong' among fans. The two vocal power houses undoubtedly have great skills so their sub-unit is even more anticipated by fans.

Solar, who is evaluated as a trusted and listenable vocalist, successfully completed her first musical challenge by taking on the title role with Ock Joo-hyun in the recently ended musical 'Mata Hari'. Moonbyul, who is in charge of powerful rap and performance at Mamamoo, has released two solo albums this year alone and has shown a variety of musical colors, receiving a lot of love from music fans.

On 23 August midnight KST, the name of the sub-unit, their debut date and their first teaser photo was also released through their social media account. The sub-unit is named Mamamoo+ and they are debuting on 30 August. Check out their teaser picture below!

Mamamoo+ Teaser

Photo Source: Twitter/RBW_MAMAMOO

Meanwhile, Mamamoo debuted in 2014 with the digital single 'Don't Be Happy' and are a beloved and popular girl group with many hit songs like 'Um Oh Ah Yeah', 'If It's Like Me', 'Decalcomanie' and 'What Are You?’

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/RBW_MAMAMOO

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