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Cover image for Kang Daniel Apologizes For Sexist Remarks about Street Woman Fighter
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Kang Daniel Apologizes For Sexist Remarks about Street Woman Fighter

Kang Daniel has released apologies about his insensitive remarks made towards the contestants of Street Woman Fighter and Street Girls Dance Fighter.

Street Man Fighter is the third edition of Mnet’s Street Dance Fighter series where dance crews from Korea compete with each other. Kang Daniel has been hosting the series from the beginning. He was the MC for Street Woman Fighter and Street Dance Girls Fighter before taking on his current role as an MC for Street Man Fighter.

While interacting with fans on the platform Universe, Kang Daniel answered a question about his experience hosting Street Man Fighter. He stated that he felt very comfortable on the show as it featured all men and that hosting it isn’t ‘energy draining’. Fans saw this comment as being sexist since it implied that hosting the show with the female participants (in the previous seasons) was energy draining.

Fans have been calling out Kang Daniel about his remarks. So, on 20 July the idol published a statement on his personal Instagram addressing this issue.

The English translation for his caption reads:

Hello, this is Kang Daniel.
First of all, I would like to apologize for the private message.
We apologize for causing unnecessary misunderstanding by overly exaggerating the meaning of 'I was nervous and quivering.
Since then, my response has been frivolous, even in situations where I have been wary of promoting or escalating gender conflict.
To the fans who always care for me and worry about me, I'm sorry that all this process has hurt me. In the future, I will be more cautious in my statements and actions.

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/konnect_danielk

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