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Cover image for Jo Yuri Is Summer Ready For Love Shhh! (Jo Yuri Love Shhh! Review)
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Jo Yuri Is Summer Ready For Love Shhh! (Jo Yuri Love Shhh! Review)

After eight months of waiting, we finally have another release from former Iz*one member and vocalist extraordinaire Jo Yuri! On 2 June, Jo Yuri came out with her second single, Love Shhh! and her first mini album, Op.22 Y-Waltz : in Major. And if you liked her debut single Glassy just as much as we did, you’ll love Love Shhh! Too.

Love Shhh! is very seasonally appropriate. The track was teased as a summer track and it is. Everything from the light and catchy sound to the visuals and outfits scream summer. And if there is one thing you can look forward to in a song involving Jo Yuri, it’s her vocals. She sounds just as fantastic as you expect her to. You would expect that her voice wouldn’t suit songs like Glassy and Love Shhh!, it does and that is a testament to how versatile of a singer she is. Although her voice is as airy as it was during Glassy, her delivery is more energetic which adds to the bright and upbeat summer track vibe. The track is also more playful than Glassy.

Another aspect Jo Yuri the soloist hasn’t missed in her first two releases has been the visuals. She is pretty, her outfits are pretty, the sets of the MV are pretty, her hairstyles are pretty, the choreography is pretty, the MV is pretty - the point being, everything Jo Yuri has put out as a soloist has been very pretty and aesthetic.

One thing where we do wish for more is the choreography. Both Glassy and Love Shhh!’s choreos have been lacklustre and we know it isn’t because of Yuri’s dancing capabilities. She was able to hold her own during Iz*one’s intense and detailed choreos so we’re sure she can handle more complex choreo. It isn’t just about the choreo being more complex though - the dancing during these two songs just isn’t adding anything to the overall performance. We hope this gets better in her future releases.

If you were expecting Love Shhh! to go a different route sonically (and maybe visually too) based on the name of the mini album Op.22 Y-Waltz : in Major, then you won’t be disappointed by the other tracks in the album. That is where Jo Yuri showcases her full potential and capabilities as a singer. The title track is starkly very different and upbeat compared to the rest of the songs.

Did you already check out Jo Yuri’s Love Shhh! and Op.22 Y-Waltz : in Major? What did you think of the songs? Tell us in the comments!

Cover Photo Source: Twitter/joyuri_offcl

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