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Cover image for Best Dresses Ex Iz*one Member And Soloist Jo Yuri Wore During Glassy Promotions
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Best Dresses Ex Iz*one Member And Soloist Jo Yuri Wore During Glassy Promotions

Jo Yuri’s debut was highly loved by fans. Glassy is an easy listening song with a catchy hook that is very memorable and the b-side Express Moon is a fantastic song too. But besides good music, there is one more thing Jo Yuri’s debut delivered and that is great fashion. Yuri was seen in the prettiest gowns and dresses on stage (and in the music video) while promoting Glassy. Here are some of our favorite looks from her debut era:

Show! Music Core 211009
Jo Yuri wore this beautiful light pink ruffled dress paired with a big bow on her hair and a pair of black boots giving us major princess vibes. This look perfectly encapsulates one of the most popular trends of today with both the dress and the hair bow fitting perfectly into balletcore aesthetic.

Inkigayo 20211010
Although most of her stage outfits during the Glassy era fall into either cutesy or princessy aesthetics, Jo Yuri did give us a few siren-esq look during her debut and this red dress is one of them. This is another look that features a prominent bow. The knee high boots compliment the mini dress making her look super stylish in this fit.

THE SHOW 211012
This is one of the more casual looks from the Glassy stages. It doesn’t feature anything super glamorous and Yuri looks like your typical girl next door - although a super gorgeous one at that. Instead, the look gives us a simple dress paired with white shoes. If you are thinking of taking inspiration from the Glassy stages for your own wardrobe, this might be the most wearable option.

MCOUNTDOWN 2021.10.14
This one is for all the denim fans out there. Jo Yuri looks super pretty in this denim peplum dress and it of course features some ruffles that seem to be a signature in a lot of her Glassy outfits. Paired with a pair of white combat boots the overall look is super clean and cohesive. For a more down-to-earth take on the denim look, you can look to the outfits worn by the dancers as it is still stylish while being more wearable.

Inkigayo 20211024
Perhaps one of the only looks from the Glassy stages that features a pair of pants instead of an elaborate dress, this look is very fashionable. Although this all black look is much darker in terms of the color palette than what Jo Yuri has worn for most of the Glassy stages, the heart shaped top with pink details and pink tie up straps fits right into the overall vibes of her debut era looks.


Show! Music Core 211023

Show Champion EP.413

Music Bank 211008

What is your favorite look among these? Tell us in the comments!

Photo Source: Twitter/JOYURI_offcl

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