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Cover image for IVE Release Concept Photos and Trailer Film For Upcoming Comeback
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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IVE Release Concept Photos and Trailer Film For Upcoming Comeback

IVE is coming back in August!

The six-member rookie female group will make a summer comeback next month, according to a news report released by South Korean news site Asia Today on 18 July. In response to this news, IVE's management company Starship Entertainment told another Korean site Newsen that, "IVE is working hard to prepare with the intention of making a comeback in August."

This comeback comes four months after their second single album, Love Dive.

Early information about After Like was released on July 24 via a tweet from Iofficial ve's Twitter account, which also included a sneak peek of the artwork for the single's title and the release date of August 22. Since then, a bigger, 12-panel version of the teaser image has been posted on the group's Instagram page. Fans had expected the single's promotion to pick up steam from early August and it has.

IVE released a trailer film for the comeback on their social media channels on 1 August titled, I'VE SUMMER FILM.

A day later, on 2 August, the group started putting out the first batch of concept photos for this comeback. That day, we got Yujin and Leeseo’s photos.

The next day, on 3 August, we got concept photos for Rei and Liz.

Lastly on 4 August, the photos for Wonyoung, Gaeul and the full group from the first set of concept photos were released.

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/IVEstarship

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