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Cover image for Itzy Shares Snippets Of Their Comeback Song, Sneakers, And It Sounds Nothing Like You Expect
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Itzy Shares Snippets Of Their Comeback Song, Sneakers, And It Sounds Nothing Like You Expect

Itzy has been teasing fans about their upcoming comeback through concept pictures. Till date, they have dropped two sets of concept photos and something we noted is that they seem to be heading towards a more mature direction this comeback.

In the pictures, the girls are donning some sleek and sophisticated outfits - tailored suit-esq pieces for the first set of photos and gorgeous gowns for the second one. The second set of concept photos even features a crown on all the members’ heads. Naturally, fans (including us at Kpoppr) were expecting the group to have a royal concept.

Now after seeing the latest group concept photo that was revealed on 2 July, Itzy pulled the biggest ‘UNO reverse card’ on us all. The concept picture is bright and colorful - very much akin to the kind of concepts we have come to associate with Itzy and nothing like the first two sets of photos.

Sneakers Concept Photo

Photo Source: Twitter/ITZYofficial

If you are confused because of this 180 degree switch, brace yourself because the snippets of the title track, Sneakers, that they have been releasing on Tiktok proves to us that Itzy are keeping their original concept. The song - at least the parts that are spoiled - sounds just as loud, chanty and bold as you would expect Itzy’s music to. There is nothing elegant or royal about the sound - not that we don’t love the Itzy sound as it is, we’re just very surprised at it being the complete opposite of what we were expecting based on the first two concepts.

Their comeback is living up to its name. Itzy really pulled a big fat Checkmate on us all, didn’t they?

What do you think about Itzy’s full concept switch? Tell us in the comments!

Cover Photo Source: Twitter/ITZYofficial

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