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Cover image for Itzy Put Out Stunning Royalty Themed Concept Photos For Checkmate + Tracklist
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Itzy Put Out Stunning Royalty Themed Concept Photos For Checkmate + Tracklist

Itzy is coming back this month and they have been putting out concept photos teasing and hyping up fans for their upcoming comeback.

Going by the styling for the photos released till date, the concept the JYP girl group is going for this time around is starkly different to everything else they have put out till date. Although initially embodying the confident and powerful ‘I Love Myself’ concept for their first three tracks Dalla Dalla, Icy and Wannabe, the group eventually transitioned into a more love focused concept for the three tracks after that. While they were still the confident and badass girls we’ve known them to be, the focus of their concept in Not Shy, Mafia In The Morning and Loco had evidently changed to love. However, all the concepts and comebacks till this point had been quite youthful, which doesn’t seem to be the case with Checkmate.

All the concept photos we’ve gotten till this point have the members looking elegant and beautiful in gorgeous gowns and a crown. This is probably the most mature we’ve seen Itzy looking in their concept photos. The crown seems to be referring to the crown-esq hand motion a lot of their choreos have - particularly as ending poses.

The first set of concept photos were released on 12 June.

They put out their second concept trailer on 20 June. We covered the release of the first concept trailer here.

The second set of concept photos were released on 26 June.

On 1 July, the girl group also released the tracklist for Checkmate. The mini album, releasing on 15 July, will have a total of seven tracks with Sneakers as the title track.

itzy checkmate tracklist

Photo Source: Twitter/ITZYofficial

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/ITZYofficial

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