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Cover image for Hybe Deines Rumors About BTS RM’s Marriage
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Hybe Deines Rumors About BTS RM’s Marriage

On 24 June, BTS’s agency Hybe released a statement addressing RM’s marriage rumors that has been spreading in online communities.

A netizen recently posted on a website claiming that a junior colleague had stated that she was marrying BTS’ RM in a phone call. The woman who was claiming to be marrying RM apparently attends a prestigious university and is from a ‘good family’. She also claimed to have met the idol at a fansign around 2014-2015. The netizen further posted a text conversation between her and the woman claiming to be marrying RM where she reveals that she is marrying a celebrity before claiming it’s BTS's RM. The woman also asks the netizen to keep this a secret as its a sensitive topic.

Youtube Sojang who previously reported and revealed the relationship between Seo Taeji and actress Lee Ji Ah and a dozen more fake news about Korean celebrities, also added fuel to these rumors by pointing out that BTS’ leader had earlier stated that he wants to marry around the age of 32-33. As RM is currently 29 years old, Sojang stated he must want to marry soon.

Hybe soon put out an official statement calling this news fake and denying all rumors and claims about RM’s marriage. A Big Hit Music official told Xports News on 24 June, “The rumors about RM's marriage are groundless.” They further added, “We are continuously responding to malicious rumors on YouTube.”

Although this is not confirmed by any reliable source, fans think BTS antis must be behind these rumors as a news like this would probably affect BTS’ popularity and plummet the prices of Hybe stocks. Just last week when BTS announced their break, Hybe stocks took a huge fall so fans think antis are targeting this outcome and spreading false news about the group to harm them.

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/bts_bighit

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