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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Here Are All The Kpop Comebacks and Debuts in July

Kpop summer releases are in full swing. Many Kpop artists are gearing up to comeback and debut in July. Here is a full list of the July 2022 Kpop comebacks!

1 July

  • GOT7 Mark Tua with imysm

4 July

  • Enhypen with Manifesto: Day 1
  • Young Tak with MMM

5 July

  • Winner with Holiday
  • Rothy with Changed Number
  • WJSN with Sequence

6 July

  • Viviz with Summer Vibe
  • Irris debut with Wanna Know
  • Onew with Life Goes On
  • H1-Key with Run

7 July

  • MCND with The Earth: Secret Mission Chapter. 2

8 July

12 July

  • Chobom (Apink Chorong and Bomi) with Copycat
  • Super Junior with Don’t Wait

15 July

18 July

  • Seventeen with SECTOR 17
  • HyoLyn with her third mini album

19 July

  • ILY:1 with Que Sera Sera
  • Craxy with Requiem

20 July

  • Blitzers with Win-dow

27 July

  • Twice with Japanese album Celebrate

29 July

  • DPR IAN with M II T O – Moodswings In To Order

Cover Photo Source: Twitter/ITZYofficial, ENHYPEN, bts_bighit, aespa_Official

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