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Cover image for Girl Group DIA Announces Comeback After A 2 Year Hiatus
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Girl Group DIA Announces Comeback After A 2 Year Hiatus

The release date for DIA's first album in more than two years has been revealed!

The group will return with Rooting For You on September 15, the day after their debut anniversary, according to a schedule released by DIA on 6 September. They will begin comeback promotions on 17 September with a M Countdown performance and then perform at Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo too.

Rooting For You will have two tracks. A brief statement regarding the members' contract expirations were made by the DIA's agency back in August. It is unknown if this upcoming September release will be their final one as DIA because the comeback was initially scheduled for August. Their most recent release, Flower 4 Seasons, was a unit comeback featuring Eunice, Eunchae, Jueun, Huihyeon, and Yebin.

The teaser for the schedule includes letters from all six members to their fanclub AID. Member Jung Chaeyeon expressed, “To AID who have allowed us to shine. Everything was possible because we were with AID…and these have really been miracle-like, dream-like days for me. Thank you for always believing and believing in me…and always being on my side. AID, who has been my support and my closest friend. Thanks to you, I smiled lots and was happy.” Member Eunchae stated, “To the point where I wouldn’t be able to answer if someone were to ask me about my happiest or most memorable moment, every moment of every memory and experience with AID is so precious.”

Another member, Eunice, shared, “Like a simple and enjoyable friendship that feels like we met up yesterday even though it’s been awhile, I want to always be a happy memory to AID.” Similarly, member Yebin stated, “It’s already the seventh year that we’ve walked together. Thank you so much for always walking beside us at the same pace, no matter where and when.”

Ki Huihyeon shared, “As I watched from afar those who have watched over us by our side, while I knew how you might’ve felt, I don’t think I was able to take care of your heart so I only feel sorry and thankful.” And finally, member Jueun expressed, “It was such a big blessing for me to become DIA and meet AID. In the future, I will become a cool person who can return as much as I received. Thank you and I love you!”

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Cover Photo Source: Facebook/mbk.dia

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