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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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DIA To Disband After One Last Comeback In August

We are sorry to all DIA fans out there but today we come to you with some sad news about the girl group. DIA is disbanding soon.

DIA is a six member girl group from PocketDol Studios who debuted back in 2015 with Somehow. The group didn’t get much attention for their debut so some members of the group joined the first season of Produce 101. Member Jung Chaeyeon quickly gained a lot of popularity for her incredible looks and made it into the final girl group from the survival show, I.O.I. She has also gone on to have a commendable acting career with roles in popular dramas like The King’s Affection, Drinking Solo and To. Jenny.

On 11 May, talks about DIA disbanding started surfacing online after a report released by Edaily. However, fans will be able to see the group promote together one last time and bid them farewell properly since DIA is supposedly coming back in August. According to reports, DIA members’ contract with the company will expire one month after they finish up their promotional activities for the comeback. After that, PocketDoll studio is intending to disband the group and the members will go their separate ways.

A representative from DIA’s agency, PocketDol Studios, commented about this news saying that it is difficult for them to share whether the upcoming comeback will be the group’s last because they are still discussing contracts with the members.

DIA has been on a hiatus ever since June 2020 when they released their sixth mini album, Flowers 4 Seasons. So, the August comeback will mark their return to the stage after a two year period of inactivity.

We are excited to finally see DIA on stage again! But we’re sad to hear the unfortunate news of them disbanding. As PocketDol Studio is claiming tehy are still discussing things with the members, we hope everything works out in the end!

How do you feel about this? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Cover Photo Source: Youtube/Korean Newspaper Newspaper "NewsInstar"
CC BY 3.0

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