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Cover image for Fromis_9 Discusses Comeback & Being Hybe's Only Girl Group
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Fromis_9 Discusses Comeback & Being Hybe's Only Girl Group

Girl group Fromis_9 came back with their mini album Midnight Guest on 17 January. They held a showcase on the very same day where fans could watch the girls perform their title track DM for the very first time.

During the showcase, members of Fromis_9 talked about participating in the writing process of the songs in their mini album and the pressures they feel about being the only girl group under the Hybe Labels umbrella.

Member Jiwon stated that she went to Han River when she was stuck while lyrics writing and mentioned that it inspired her. “I’ve heard Han River being called ‘dawn escape’ so I used that imagery while working on the song,” she said, adding that working with another member also made the process all the more enjoyable. She also said, “During the recording, I also had a lot of fun directing the members. They put forth a lot of effort, and I appreciated that.”

Nagyung pointed out Fromis_9’s vocals and performance as the major selling points of this album.

Additionally, the group also talked about how it feels to be the only girl group under Hybe Labels. Last year, the group changed their management from Off The Record to Pledis Entertainment which was acquired by Hybe Labels early last year. Leader Saerom mentioned that the group feels a sense of pressure being under such a big label. “We’re taking this pressure as a motivator to make the group shine brighter,” she stated.

Check out the music video for Fromis_9’s latest title track DM below and leave your thoughts on it in the comments!

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