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Cover image for Enhypen Get Mobbed By Fans At Airport, Staff Criticized For Pushing Fans
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Enhypen Get Mobbed By Fans At Airport, Staff Criticized For Pushing Fans

If you have been active on any Kpop sphere on the internet in the last few days, you might have seen clips from the Kpop Flex concert in Germany. The event is the first overseas concert that featured multiple Kpop acts since the pandemic. A number of Kpop artists who are very popular right now performed at the two day event including Enhypen, Ive, EXO’s Kai, Dreamcatcher, NCT Dream, Mamamoo, (G)i-dle, AB6IX and Monsta X. The artists were warmly greeted by fans at airports while they arrived in Germany for the event and back in Korea after its completion.

Amidst all this excitement about international Kpop events resuming, there is one clip that is garnering a lot of attention and concern from fans. As Enhypen landed back in Korea, a huge group of fans were waiting at the airport to catch a glimpse of the boys. The group had to pass right through the area the fans were situated to get to their fans. Since Enhypen fans have mobbed the group at the airport in the past which has led to the members falling down or looking anxious and scared, this time around they were surrounded by an army of bodyguards separating them from the crowd of fans.

The clip in question shows the bodyguards shoving fans aside as they repeatedly try to get close to the Enhypen members. Some netizens are criticizing the bodyguards stating they are too aggressive and violent towards teenage girls. Others however point out the fact that they were simply doing their job i.e protecting the boys. There are also some fans who were present at the airport who claim that the bodyguards had announced that anyone who tried to get too close to the Enhypen members will be pushed and if they keep trying, the bodyguards will only push them out of the way harder. They state that it is the fans who are in the wrong here as they shouldn’t be all up in the members’ personal space.

Fans are also pointing out the difference between the behaviors of Engenes present at Germany airport versus Korea airport. When Enhypen landed in Germany, they were also greeted with a hoard of fans waiting to see them but the difference here was that the fans were not mobbing the idols. Instead, they gave them space and the boys seemed so happy for this reception that they happily interacted with Engenes there.

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Cover Photo: Youtube/티비텐
CC BY 3.0

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