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Cover image for BTS Jungkook And Charlie Puth Dropping A Song Next Week
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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BTS Jungkook And Charlie Puth Dropping A Song Next Week

BTS Jungkook and Charlie Puth are set to release a collaboration song next week!

Charlie Puth announced that he is collaborating with Jungkook on a single on 16 June. He further revealed that the song is called Left and Right, and that it will be included in his upcoming album, Charlie. He also released a clip on his social media teasing the release and claimed that if the song racks up to 500,000 pre-saves, it will be released on 24 June.

In the clip, Charlie asks Jungkook to sing some lines from the song which is then compiled and mixed, and the final product - a short snippet of the track - is played at the end of the video. Check it out below!

A day later, on 17 June, the American singer released a poster for the song announcing that the track will in fact be released on 24 June. We’re guessing Left and Right already surpassed the goal of having over 500,000 copies pre-orders.

This isn’t the first time Charlie Puth and Jungkook are working on a project together. Back in 2018, the two singers collaborated for a special stage at the MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards (MGA). They sang Charlie’s hit single We Don’t Talk Anymore which originally features singer and actress Selena Gomez. Their performance leads up to BTS’ solo stage where they perform a slew of their hit tracks Fake Love, Save Me, I’m Fine and Idol. Check out the full stage below!

Even before that performance, the two artists had shared their love for each other’s music. Jungkook shared a cover of We Don’t Talk Anymore in 2017 and Charlie had liked the cover on Twitter and commented, “I really like BTS’s music.” To this, BTS tweeted, “We really like Charlie Puth’s music.”

What do you think about this collaboration? Tell us in the comments!

Cover Photo Source: Twitter/bts_bighit, charlieputh

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