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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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BTS & EXO Kai Named Among The 25 Most Stylish Musicians

Rolling Stone Magazine published their list of the 25 Most Stylish Musicians. The monthly American magazine that covers music and pop culture stated, ‘these artists are influencing fashion as much as they’re shaping music.’

Highlighting the importance of fashion and style in music, the magazine article quoted David Bowie saying, “If you really want to entertain an audience, you have to look the part.” And we couldn’t agree more. Music and fashion have deep connections and most prominent artists use their fashion and image to emphasize what they want to communicate with their music.

As the Kpop industry has been utilizing this very approach for years – it isn’t a surprise to see some Kpop idols making it to this list. Most Korean artists cleverly and creatively utilize their styling to portray specific images that fit the concept of their comebacks.

Picture of Kai

Source: Twitter/weareoneEXO

EXO’s Kai, who is also the first Korean ambassador for the luxury fashion brand Gucci, was listed at number 24. The idol has previously admitted that he knows how important concepts are and that he and his team work and plan together for a long time to meticulously decide his looks.

Picture of BTS

Source: Twitter/bts_bighit

BTS as a whole were listed at number 4 in the list and the magazine stated “elevated standard concert attire to more high-fashion fare,” adding, “few other artists have moved menswear so far forward.” The group represents another powerful brand in the high fashion scene, Louis Vuitttion, as their global ambassadors.

What do you think about Kai and BTS being included in this list? Leave your thoughts below!

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