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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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BTS Become The Most Watched Artist On Youtube

BTS have gotten yet another Youtube record!

As of 13 August, BTS have amassed over 26.7 billion views across all of their official channels, making them the most-watched artist in YouTube history. All their music videos and dance tutorial videos are included in this total.

Over the years, BTS has consistently provided the BTS ARMY with intriguing stuff to watch on their Youtube channel including behind the scenes of their work, new variety content and fun clips. The septet has made sure that fans receive entertaining videos ever since the group's debut on 13 June 2013. The numerous official YouTube channels that participate in creating a community on the platform for them are at the heart of this strategy. This is mostly driven by BANGTANTV, the group's official content provider. Also, BTS' music videos for their tracks Boy With Luv, Dynamite, DNA, MIC Drop, IDOL, and Fake Love all have over a billion views each.

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber is now in second place with 26.6 billion views and British singer Ed Sheeran is in third place with 26.1 billion views. Ariana Grande is ranked number 10 and follows Bad Bunny, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Shakira, Ozuna, and Eminem on the list. BTS and Ariana Grande, who are top and tenth on the list, have a combined total of nearly 6 billion views between them.

In another news, BTS’s new collab song with Benny Blanco and Snoop Dogg, Bad Decisions, that was released on 5 August is topping music charts all over the world. The track has amassed over 26 million views till date on Youtube. Check out the music video for Bad Decisions below.

Congratulations to the group for this big achievement!

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/bts_bighit

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