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Cover image for BIGBANG Releases Individual Teaser Pictures of All Members For Upcoming Comeback
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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BIGBANG Releases Individual Teaser Pictures of All Members For Upcoming Comeback

As the comeback date of Bigbang’s highly anticipated return to Kpop is creeping closer, we’re getting more information and details about it!

This time around, the group has released individual teaser photos of all members for the comeback. Like the teaser image that was released on 24 March, all the individual member teasers are pictures of polaroids.

The first individual teaser image to be released was G Dragon’s on 25 March. The photo was uploaded on the group’s social media accounts too.

G Dragon's teaser

Photo Source: Twitter/YG_GlobalVIP

Taeyang was the second member whose teaser image was released on 26 March.

Taeyang's teaser

Photo Source: Twitter/YG_GlobalVIP

The next day, on 27 March, we got Daesung’s teaser image.

Daesung's teaser

Photo Source: Twitter/YG_GlobalVIP

And lastly, on 28 March, T.O.P’s teaser image was released.

T.O.P's teaser

Photo Source: Twitter/YG_GlobalVIP

Bigbang will make their comeback, titled Still Life, on 5 April. This will be their first official comeback in approximately four years.

Although their fans, VIPs, are excited about this comeback, they are also upset as they think this might be Bigbang’s last comeback before they either go on an indefinite hiatus or disband. Member T.O.P also hinted that this might be the group’s last comeback during his exclusive interview with a magazine recently.

What are your thoughts on this? Leave them in the comments below. We’d love to hear it!

Cover Photos Source: Twitter/YG_GlobalVIP

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