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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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All BTS Members Request To Defer Military Service Till 30

BTS’ military enlistment has been a highly discussed topic among fans in the last few years. By the time they are 28, South Korean men must enlist in military service. But the country’s National Assembly has previously decided that individuals involved in arts and popular culture who have enhanced South Korea’s status and dignity can delay going to the military until they are 30. BTS being honored with the Hwagwan Order of Culture, a fifth grade Order of Cultural Merit, is what made them apt for this.

The deferral will allow BTS to continue with their activities as a full group till 2022 which is when the oldest member Jin turns 30.

Additionally, the Korean National Assembly has also been discussing whether or not to exempt BTS from military service altogether because of the tremendous impact they have had globally and have subsequently boosted South Korea’s image and dignity. A report on November 25 revealed that the National Assembly had congregated to revise the Military Service Act although there hasn’t reached a consensus on the exemption decision yet.

The National Assembly is set to reassemble to discuss the topic of exemption again soon.

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