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Cover image for Twice Entice Us By Talking That Talk (Twice Talk That Talk Review)
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Twice Entice Us By Talking That Talk (Twice Talk That Talk Review)

Twice have been serving us certified bops since their debut. While their music leaned heavily into the bubblegum pop sound in their earlier years, they have been showing us a more mature image in their more recent releases. Their latest comeback with the mini album Between 1&2 and the title track Talk That Talk perfectly hits the sweet spot between these two sides and delivers catchy yet memorable music.

Although there are some gems among Twice’s recent title tracks like I Can’t Stop Me and Alcohol Free, all of my favorite songs from them came out earlier in their career. So, I’m very happy that they go back to their brighter sound for Talk That Talk. The song is as cheerful, bright and dopamine-inducing as you would expect from a (/an earlier) Twice track. The pre-chorus and chorus of Talk That Talk sound magical. The pre-chorus melody is driving, sweet and the perfect build-up taking us to the energetic chorus. Twice members’ vocals explode at this point. The three main vocalists - Jihyo, Jeonghyun and Nayeon - in particular sound incredible here. And Sana and Dahyun’s sweet post chorus hook ties up the song very well. Another member who sounds great in this song is Tzuyu - especially in the first pre-chorus.

And as if the song wasn’t perfect enough, the visuals ascend it to iconic level - in my book at least. Talk and Talk’s concept develops the Y2K aesthetic Twice adopted for their last comeback - Scientist - but it looks even better this time around. The outfits they are wearing - minus the red and white set - and the shots they have included in the music video does such a good job portraying the Y2K theme. And the choreography is just as cute.

Talk That Talk is classic Twice with more confidence and maturity. Kpop doesn’t get better than this!

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/JYPETWICE

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