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Ane Reyl

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Treasure Announce Summer Comeback, Bang Yedam and Mashiho on Temporary Hiatus

Treasure is preparing for a summer comeback!

On 27 May YG Entertainment stated that their (youngest) boy group is currently preparing for a comeback - likely to be around summer. The agency also revealed other things planned for the group this year.

According to YG Entertainment’s statement, the title track for Treasure’s upcoming comeback has already been picked. Treasure will start shooting the music video after they are done recording the song and learning the choreography. The group is coming back around the time they have their second anniversary celebrations in August.

Additionally, the entertainment company also divulged that the group might conduct another concert in Seoul before they embark on the Japanese leg of their tour. The boy group will start their Japanese tour in November this year. They are set to perform at the arenas of six major cities in Japan - Fukui, Aichi, Fukuoka, Hyogo, Hokkaido and Saitama. The tour will open at Hokkaido and end at Saitama on 4 January 2023. Treasure recently did a two day in-person concert in Seoul on 9 and 10 April.

Only 10 members of the group will participate in this summer comeback though as both Bang Yedam and Mashiho are on hiatus at the moment. While Yedam is taking a break to study music more thoroughly which will help him develop as a producer in the future, Mashiho is currently in his home country, Japan. The idol is currently spending time with his family and friends to help him recover from his mental health issues.

We’re excited for this summer Treasure comeback! How do you feel about this? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Photo Source: Wikipedia/SHINING STAR choi hyunsuk
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