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Cover image for Seventeen Drop Teaser For July Comeback With Repackage Album
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Seventeen Drop Teaser For July Comeback With Repackage Album

We still haven’t quite moved on from Seventeen’s last comeback with Face The Sun and its title track Hot but it seems we are getting another comeback from the Pledis boy group very soon. (Not that we’re complaining really - we will never get tired of their great music.)

On 26 June, the group dropped a 21 seconds long video on their Youtube channel titled, ‘Come Into Our World : SECTOR 17’. The video is a teaser for Seventeen’s upcoming repackage album that is set to release on 18 July. Check it out below!

Seventeen released Hot on 27 May and the track as well as the album was a hit with their fans. The group achieved their highest first week sales with the album by selling a spectacular 2,067,769 copies of it within seven days of release.

This release was more on the dark side of Seventeen’s concepts and seemed like a natural progression from their 2021 releases Ready To Love and Rock With You. If we go by this first video teaser, it looks like their upcoming album will follow suit in the dark concept trajectory that the group has going on. Check out our honest thoughts on Hot and Face The Sun here.

Seventeen just kicked off their Be The Sun Tour with the inaugural concert in Seoul on 26 June. Apparently, the group first announced their July comeback at the very end of the Seoul concert by showing the aforementioned video trailer and released the same video on their Youtube channel hours later.

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/pledis_17

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