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Cover image for Seventeen Comeback With 4th Full Album, Face The Sun, And Explosive M/V For ‘Hot’ (Seventeen Hot Review)
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Seventeen Comeback With 4th Full Album, Face The Sun, And Explosive M/V For ‘Hot’ (Seventeen Hot Review)

The Seventeen comeback is finally out!

Seventeen came back with their fourth full length album, Face The Sun, on 27 May. The group also dropped the music video for the title track off of Face The Sun, Hot, the very same day.

Hybe brings us another dark boy group track after Tomorrow X Together’s (TXT) Good Boy Gone Bad that was also released earlier this month. Looks like Hybe is going dark with their boy group releases this year. (Sans Nu’est of course as their track was more mellow - how farewell tracks usually tend to be.) And just like with TXT, this is the ‘darkest’ we’ve seen Seventeen be. Although both the sound and the visuals for this song are a complete 180 from their pre-release, Darling, this was to be expected as the group had teased this concept at the very end of Darling music video.

Also, if you had been keeping up with the many teasers they put out leading up to the music video release, you knew what was coming. If you didn’t, you’re in for a treat!

The music video for Hot is great - there is no other way to put it. It’s colorful and has some of the most skillful camerawork and editing we’ve seen in a music video in recent times. And it goes without saying that the music video is palpably high budget - you can see it in the multiple solo and group sets, the outfits, hair and makeup, and again the camerawork and editing of the music video. The members pull off the concept so well you forget these are the same guys who are known for their fresh-teen and bright concepts. As is the norm for Seventeen, the performance aspect of Hot is impressive. Although everyone shines this era - and we aren’t just saying this because we’re biased, literally everyone shines! It’s all 13 members’ era. How is that even possible? - we want to give the performance unit members a shoutout because they embody this concept so well, they are the concept. The8 in particular stands out because of his vivid red hair, incredible dancing skills and fantastic expression. (Seriously! Did you see him in the teasers?)

The track itself might be a hit or a miss for fans though. This is a big departure from the mellow and bright sound they are known for but again, they did hint at this through last years’ releases as well. Hot seems like a natural progression from Ready To Love and Rock With You. If you loved these tracks and some of the earlier edgy songs in the group’s discography like Getting Closer, you will probably like Hot. If not, the album has tracks akin to Darling that are mellow and pleasing to listen to and reminiscent of their earlier sound. Face The Sun is a good representation of Seventeen overall as it shows the dichotomy in the groups’ sound, particularly the title tracks, and is a great album to celebrate their seventh anniversary.

We personally love Hot and are waiting to watch all the music show stages!

How do you feel about Seventeen’s comeback? Tell us in the comments!

Photo Source: Twitter/pledis_17

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