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Cover image for Kep1er’s Here Selling 100,000+ Albums & With A New Fandom Name
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Kep1er’s Here Selling 100,000+ Albums & With A New Fandom Name

Girl group Kep1er has finally debuted! Fans have been anticipating the group’s debut ever since they were formed on the final episode of the Mnet survival show Girls Planet 999 back in October 2022.

The group has already achieved the incredible milestone of selling over 100,000 physical copies of their album with their debut EP, First Impact. And that is just on the first day of its release – so the sales number will undoubtedly increase over time.

The title track, Wa Da Da, is an energetic track with a catchy chorus and a fun and exciting music video. The EP contains two new tracks and the group’s version of three Girls Planet 999 songs – See The Light, MVSK, Shine, Another Dream, and O.O.O.

Check out the Wa Da Da MV below!

Kep1er’s debut was originally slated for December 14 but their companies, Wake One Entertainment and Swing Entertainment, announced this would be postponed to early 2022 as one of their staff members tested positive for COVID 19. A week later it was announced that members Mashiro and Xiaoting had tested positive for COVID 19 too.

In another news, the group also revealed its fandom name and colors. The group’s official Twitter account announced on 3 January that their fans will be called ‘Kep1ian’ which stands for ‘people who support Ke1er.’ additionally, they also announced their official fan colors which are Lavender & White, and Lavender & Yellow.

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