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Cover image for Kep1er’s Chaehyun & Cravity’s Minhee Chosen As New The Show MCs
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Kep1er’s Chaehyun & Cravity’s Minhee Chosen As New The Show MCs

According to an announcement by the music show, The Show’s producers, Kep1er’s Kim Chaehyun and Cravity’s Kang Minhee have been picked as the new hosts of the program.

At first, the producers had only announced Kep1er member Chaehyun as an MC of The Show on 10 January. The very next day, on 11 January, they followed up with another announcement sharing that Kang Minhee from Cravity and formerly from X1 will be joining her as the other new MC.

The previous MCs of The Show were Jihan from Weeekly, Kim Yohan from Wei and also formerly of X1, and Yeosang from Ateez had their final broadcast as official MCs on 14 December 2021. Check out their heartfelt goodbye speeches below!

The Show airs every Tuesday at 6pm KST. How excited are you to see this duo as MCs? Tell us in the comments.

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nayeon_5315c31ca1de1cd406 profile image

Minhee is so handsome. But I watched a show with Chaehyun and Minhee and this Chaehyun looked at him suspiciously. It's like they're a couple in love😠 but Yohan was cute♥