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Cover image for JYP Reveals The Name Of Their New Girl Group With A New Teaser
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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JYP Reveals The Name Of Their New Girl Group With A New Teaser

JYP’s new girl group is finally here!

After months of teasing the group, the company has revealed that they’re called Nmixx.

All seven members of the group – Kyujin, Jiwoo, Bae, Jinni, Sullyoon, Haewon and Lily – were revealed through performance clips uploaded on Youtube. The predebut lineup was tentatively called JYPn. The girls all showcased their impressive singing and dancing skills through these clips giving fans a glimpse of their potential and what we can expect from the group’s future releases.

The group’s name release was accompanied with the release of a debut teaser on their eponymous Youtube channel and reveal of their social media accounts.

This is JYP’s first girl group since the debut of Itzy in 2019. As the company has an incredible track record of debuting mega successful girl groups as seen with Wonder Girls, Miss A, Twice and Itzy, fans seem very excited to see Nmixx’s releases.

Check out the other debut teaser for Nmixx released yesterday, 26 January and leave your thoughts on the group in the comments!

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