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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Jessi Leaving P Nation

Soloist Jessi is leaving her label P Nation.

This news came as a big shock to fans since she has maintained her popularity throughout the time of her career when she was signed to P Nation. The singer first got mainstream popularity as a contestant of Unpretty Rapstar and her 2020 track Nunu Nana was a viral hit too. She is also a popular variety star as viewers love her frank and straightforward personality.

Jessi was also the first artist signed to P Nation and seems to have a great relationship with the founder of the label, Psy, who is a successful artist himself. P Nation is now home to big artists in the Korean music scene including Hyuna, Dawn, Heize, Crush and Penomeco among others.

P Nation released the following statement addressing this issue on 6 July:

Hello. This is P NATION.
We would like to express our deep gratitude to all of you who have given Jessi a lot of love and attention. We would like to inform you that Jessi's exclusive contract with our company has recently expired.
As the first artist of P Nation, Jessie, who has been with P Nation from the beginning to the present, has established herself as an artist loved by more fans through her passionate passion and unremitting efforts. It was a positive and enjoyable stimulus for the members as well.
We will support Jessi's artist career in the future, and we will continue to support her various activities.
Thank you.

Wherever she decides to join, we wish Jessi all the best for her future!

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Cover Photo Source: Youtube/티비텐
CC BY 3.0

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