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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Here Are The Winners Of The Korean Music Awards 2022

Korean Music Awards has announced all the winners from 2022. This is the nineteenth season of the award show and aespa ended up winning big this year, with a total of three awards.

Lang Lee, an indie folk singer, also won big at the show bagging the prestigious Album of the Year award. Additionally, BTS also ended up creating another record by winning another big award from the show, the Artist Of The Year, third time in a row.

Here is the full list of winners:

Artist of the Year - BTS
Album of the Year - There is a Wolf by Lang Lee
Song of the Year - Next Level by aespa
Rookie of the Year aespa
Best Pop Song - Nakka by AKMU with IU
Best Pop Album - Lilac by IU
Best K-Pop Song - Next Level by aespa
Best K-Pop Album: Querencia by Chungha
Best Jazz Vocal Album With Strings: Dream of You by Maria Kim
Best Jazz Music Album: Daring Mind by Jihye Lee Orchestra
Best Rock Song: Dance by Soumbalgwang
Best Rock Album: Happiness, Flower by Soumbalgwang
Best Modern Rock Song: Desert Eagle by Silica Gel
Best Modern Rock Album: The Borderline between Hope and Despair by Wings of the Isang
Best R&B and Soul Song: The Gonlan Song by Sumin & Slom
Best R&B and Soul Album: Don’t Die Colors by Thama
Best Rap and Hip Hop Song: Taiji by Changmo
Best Rap and Hip Hop Album: Independent Music by Choi LB
Best Electronic Song: Go to gpd and then by Haepaary
Best Electronic Album: Born By Gorgeousness by Haepaary
Best Folk Song: Barley Tea (featuring Kang Mal Geum) by Chun Yongsung
Best Folk Album: There is a Wolf by Lang Lee

Big congratulations to everyone who won!

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