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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Here Are The Members Fans Think Will Debut With NCT Tokyo

SM Entertainment has been talking about creating localized sub-ubits for NCT for some major cities around the world for years. Till date, we only got two such sub-units, NCT 127 for Seoul, South Korea and WayV for China. Another sub-unit fans have been anticipating the debut of is NCT Tokyo or Japan. And it looks like we might finally get that sub-unit after all.

Just some weeks ago, SME was said to be debuting two new sub-units this year - NCT Tokyo and NCT Hollywood. As the members for the Hollywood sub-unit is said to be picked through US Auditions, we don’t know anything about the potential members. NCT Tokyo however is a tad bit easier to speculate about as we already have some members in NCT who are Japanese. Here are the boys who fans think will make it into NCT Tokyo.


The most talked about member when it comes to NCT Tokyo is obviously Yuta who has been promoting with the group since 2016. He debuted with NCT 127 and is the first Japanese member of NCT as a whole. He is known for his outstanding dancing skills and is considered one of the main dancers of NCT 127 alongside Taeyong. Fans expect Yuta to debut as the leader of NCT Tokyo.


Now comes the second Japanese member of NCT, Shotaro. He debuted with NCT through their 2020’s NCT 2020 project in one of the title tracks of the album, Make A Wish. fans were immediately taken with the idol as he has a soft youthful face but dances very sharply when on stage. The gap between his image on and off stage was very intriguing for NCTzens. Additionally, it has been speculated that Shotaro got scouted on Tiktok for being a good dancer, was a trainee for a very short amount of time and debuted with NCT within months of being scouted.


Sungchan is another member who debuted with NCT through their 2020’s NCT 2020 project. His debut songs were 90’s Love and Misfit. Although fully Korean, fans think he might end up joining NCT Tokyo as he has been paired up with Shotaro right from - possibly before - their debut. He is also one of the two NCT member who isn’t a part of any permanent sub-units of the group.

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Cover Photo Source: Instagram/NCT

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