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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Here Are All Winners & Performances From The Golden Disc Awards

The 36th Golden Disc Awards took place at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, Korea on 8 January. The award show which usually spanned across two days (in the previous years), was only conducted for a single day this year to adhere to the COVID 19 health and safety guidelines. Additionally, unlike most other award shows this year that brought back live audiences – with proper social distancing and abiding by other health rules, of course – the Golden Disc Awards was held without live audiences and the performances were all pre-recorded for airing.

The full list of winners of the show is listed below:

  • Disc Daesang – Album of the Year: Be by BTS
  • Digital Daesang – Song of the Year: Celebrity by IU
  • Artist of the Year: aespa
  • Seezn Most Popular Artist Award: BTS
  • Cosmopolitan Artist Award: aespa and Seventeen
  • Best Solo Artist: Lim Young Woong
  • Best Group: Brave Girls
  • Best Performance: Jeon So Mi and The Boyz
  • Rookie Artist of the Year: aespa and Stayc
  • Digital Song Bonsang: Next Level by aespa, Nakka by AKMU and IU, Butter by BTS, Happen by Heize, Celebrity by IU, Traffic Light by Lee Mu Jin, Dun Dun Dance by Oh My Girl, and ASAP by Stayc
  • Album Bonsang: Be by BTS, Dimension: Dilemma by Enhypen, Lilac by IU, Sticker by NCT 127, Hot Sauce by NCT Dream, Attacca by Seventeen, Noeasy by Stray Kids, and The Chaos Chapter: Freeze by Tomorrow X Together

Check out all the mind blowing performances from the night below:

The Grand Opening by KARDI

Celebrity and LILAC by IU

Life Goes On and Butter by BTS

Black Mamba, Next Level and Savage by aespa

Happen, On Rainy Days by Heize

Not Alone, Imperfect Love, GAM3 BO1, PANG and Rock With You by Seventeen

So Bad and ASAP by Stayc

Rollin’, Tango Performance and Chi Mat Ba Ram by Brave Girls

Thrill Ride (8 Bit Version) and Hypnotized by The Boyz

Songwriting Assignment (I’m Sorry, Professor) and Traffic Light by Lee Mujin

When It Snows by Lee Mujin and Heize

XOXO and Dumb Dumb by Jeon Somi

No Rules, Anti-Romantic and 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) by Tomorrow X Together

It Boy, The Rockstar (from Watermelon Sugar X BLOW) by Tomorrow X Together

Drunk-Dazed and Tamed-Dashed by Enhypen

Quest and Dun Dun Dance by Oh My Girl

Butter (BTS), LILAC (IU), Dun Dun Dance (Oh My Girl), 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) (TXT) and Traffic Light (Lee Mujin) by Big Mama

Thunderous, Top and Wolfgang by Stray Kids

Love Always Run Away and My Starry Love by Lim Young Woong

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