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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Have You Seen BTS’ Comeback Trailer Yet?

We now have physical - well digital - proof that the BTS comeback is real and happening!

BTS are counting down to their highly anticipated comeback happening this June. On 5 May, the group released a logo trailer on their Youtube account marking the start of a new era for them.

The five minute long trailer shows all the albums that have been released by BTS till date. It also has highlight snippets from them and the date of release mentioned. Finally, near the end of the video, we get to see the new logo. The word Proof stylized alongside the official logos of BTS and ARMY.

According to their agency, Big Hit Music, Proof, which will be an anthology album, is set to release on 10 June. This album celebrates the ninth year of BTS and embodies the history of BTS. Proof will have three new tracks packaged with some older releases from the group.

This will be BTS’ first comeback since they wrapped up promotions for their November 2020 release, BE. It’s also the BTS comeback after the longest period of hiatus since their debut.

All of this comes after the group announced back in early April that they will have a summer comeback. After the last show of their Permission to Dance: On Stage concert, a teaser trailer announcing the comeback was aired on screen titled, We Are Bulletproof.

This trailer, like the new one, also takes a trip down memory lane - showing moments from BTS’ past comeback with the members’ voiceover narrating, ‘We are bulletproof.’

BTS’ decision to drop the new album in June is very significant since it’s their debut month. Every year, they also conduct week long activities to celebrate this event with their fans through BTS Festa.

We are super excited for this comeback! How do you feel about it? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Cover Photo Source: Youtube/KOREA Dispatch
CC BY 3.0

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