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Cover image for GOT The Beat Gets Their First Music Show Win
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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GOT The Beat Gets Their First Music Show Win

SM Entertainment’s female super group GOT The Beat have already received their first music show win!

GOT The Beat is the first sub-unit of the rotational group Girls On Top that will feature different combinations of female SM idols for different song releases. The group released a stage video for their only track Step Back on 3 January.

They have only performed the song twice – once for the SM Town New Year’s concert and the other as a special stage on M Countdown on 27 January.

As they haven’t promoted the track much, fans were surprised to find out that the group actually won first place at the 30 January episode of Inkigayo. Interestingly, they were against aespa and Kim Min Seok for the prize. Fans found this funny as Winter and Karina were literally battling themselves.

Fans are hoping that this win will prompt SM Entertainment to invest in this group more. A lot of fans were disappointed by the fact that the song doesn’t have a music video and the group were promoted much. Compared to SuperM that is considered the male super group from the company and got a mini album, music video for the title track, American and Korean media promotions and a world tour for their debut, fans thought the company hadn’t put much effort or investment into Girls On Top’s debut.

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