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Cover image for EXID Announce Comeback After 3 years To Celebrate 10 th Debut Anniversary
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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EXID Announce Comeback After 3 years To Celebrate 10 th Debut Anniversary

The group EXID are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their debut with a comeback as a full group this month.

In a live (Instagram) broadcast they did on 7 September EXID announced that they would release their new album 'X' on 29 September. EXID's upcoming full album is their first in 3 years since their 5th mini album We that was released back in May 2019. The new album contains three songs, including the title song Fire, Lego and I Don't Know.

Regarding the name of the album, member Hyelin said, "Since it's the 10th anniversary of the album, we decided on 'X', which means '10' in Greek. And we are also E-X-ID.” Solji also added an explanation of 'X', which means collaboration with fans.

Solji expressed her joy about the comeback, saying, "We are making a comeback on our 10th anniversary and we are doing activities as a group after 3 years.”

EXID, who debuted in 2012, is a team that achieved mainstream success after their song Up and Down got viral among the Korean general public - months after its actual release. EXID members LE, Jeonghwa, Hani, Solji, and Hyelin are active as singers and actors at their respective agencies after the 7-year contract period ended and all the members left their previous label Banana Culture. The group have been on hiatus since 2019 and although they stated that this wasn’t the end of EXID and that they would release music in the future as a full group, fans had suspected that the group might’ve quietly disbanded as they had been inactive for a long time. So, this comeback news comes as a happy surprise for all L.E.G.G.O.s.

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/EXIDofficial

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