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Cover image for Ex-Gfriend Eunha, SinB And Umji Sign With New Agency As A Trio
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Ex-Gfriend Eunha, SinB And Umji Sign With New Agency As A Trio

News about Gfriend disbanding came as a big shock to kpop fans last May. As a successful girl group in their sixth year who had a solid fanbase, were experimenting with their music and pursuing a more mature trajectory and who were the only girl group under the Hybe Labels umbrella at the time, most fans expected them to resign and continue working as a group. Although the announcement was sudden, the disbandment itself was quite clean and seemed like it was mutually agreed upon by the members and their label.

Since then, Yerin signed with Sublime Artist Agency, Sowon (who now goes by her real name Kim So Jung) signed with IOK Company and Yuju signed with KONNECT Entertainment. Yerin and So Jung both seem to be pursuing acting. They’ve both already landed leading roles too – Yerin in an upcoming Web Drama alongside CIX’s Yonghee and So Jung in a cine-rama (mix of movie and drama) alongside iKon’s Chanwoo. Yuju is taking a soloist route – she has already released a Kdrama OST and a collaboration San E.

And now, we’re finally hearing from the other three members who kept a low profile since Gfriend’s disbandment!

Eunha, SinB and Umji have all joined Big Planet Made (BPM) and plan to start activities as a three-member group. They uploaded their new profile photos on their Instagrams updating the fans about their new company and group on October 6. Later, on October 8, they also revealed the name of their group Viviz through a visual film and launched social media accounts for Viviz.

Check out Viviz’s visual film below and leave your thoughts about this trio in the comments!

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