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Cover image for Enhypen Heesung Opens Up About Anxiety & Developing Confidence
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Enhypen Heesung Opens Up About Anxiety & Developing Confidence

Weverse Magazine recently released an interview with many Hybe Labels artists on their website. One idol who got very open and personal about his life, thoughts and emotions on it is Enhypen member Heesung.

In the interview, Heesung shares his thoughts on a bunch of topics including having his own room at the dorms, working on songs and lyrics writing, wanting to read more books, and being talked about for his outstanding performance with Enhypen on KBS Song Festival among other things.

Heesung also opened up about feeling very anxious around Enhypen’s debut, overcoming it and developing self-confidence. After talking about empathizing with Andy from Toy Story and growing up, he spoke about being anxious last year and how he feels he has grown a lot in the past year. He said, “To be honest, everybody experiences periods of anxiety. For me, that period was a year ago, but these days I feel a lot more confident about my work, and I feel reassured about myself when it comes to doing my work. I still need more experience, but when I was on stage, I thought, Oh—it’s okay to let myself feel confident. I feel like I’ve grown a lot, in a lot of different ways.”

When asked about how he feels about Heesung from a year ago, he replied, “I was definitely having a really hard time a year ago. I didn’t know anything, and I was young, and it was my first time in the media, and I was fragile. But I had a lot of experiences and was exposed to the world, and I found out there’s people who’ll like you and people who won’t. But I’m okay with that now. If I feel intimidated by people’s negative views, I feel even more down in the dumps, I can’t even do what I normally could. No matter what opinions I encounter, I think it’s good to just realize some people think that way and move on, and be even more confident when I show off the things I’ve worked on.”

Heesung then goes on to share that although he has a tendency to overthink things and be scared about jumping into do things he is uncertain about, he has realized that overthinking isn’t helping him. He also admitted that although he isn’t strong all the time, as his worries fade overtime, he is enjoying living his life more and more.

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