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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Co-ed Group Kard Might Comeback Soon

Brace yourselves Hidden Kards because Kard might be coming back soon!

The group recently dropped a mysterious teaser titled ‘RE: MEMBER | KARD’ on their Youtube channel - leading fans to excitedly talk about a possible comeback. The video that was released on 28 May shows the members’ eyes glowing in different colors with their pupils shaped like a diamond, club, heart and spade. The teaser also urges fans to remember Kard and flashes the group’s debut date 13 December 2016 before leaving us with a new date to note - June 2022.

Their agency DSP Media had revealed back on 12 April that Kard is in fact working on a comeback. This will be the group’s first comeback in two years as they have been on hiatus ever since member J.Seph left to join the military in 2020. He was discharged from the military on 4 April and as the group is finally back together, a Kard comeback is definitely coming up in the near future.

In the meantime, member B.M debuted solo and released two singles (debut and a comeback) - The First Statement and Lost In Euphoria. Both of these tracks were well received by fans.

Additionally, the group has also announced a South American world tour in July. so, fans are guessing that they will probably wrap up their comeback promotions before starting the world tour.

We can’t wait to see Kard back on stage as a full group!

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Photo Source: Yotutube/NINE STARS
CC BY 3.0

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