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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Cherry Bullet To Comeback Next Month

Good news for all Lullets and casual Cherry Bullet fans alike, the girl group is having a comeback in March!

Their company FNC Entertainment released a statement on 4 February claiming Cherry Bullet will have a comeback early March and that the detailed schedule will be released later.

This will be the group’s first comeback in over a year. Their last release, Love So Sweet, came out in January 2021 and the group has been pretty inactive since.

Individual members from the group, however, have been active. Three members from Cherry Bullet, Bora, Jiwon and My, participated in last year’s Mnet survival show, Girls Planet 999. All three members garnered quite a bit of attention from viewers on the show, ranking pretty high throughout the show. Bora in particular amassed a lot of fans through the show who were impressed with her vocals, leadership, kind and caring personality, and over all skills as an idol and an artist.

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