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Cover image for ASTRO Rocky’s Dating Rumor Confirmed By Fantagio But Park Bo Yeon’s Agency Denies It
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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ASTRO Rocky’s Dating Rumor Confirmed By Fantagio But Park Bo Yeon’s Agency Denies It

ASTRO Rocky's management clarifies dating rumors, claiming that the idol is still in the 'getting to know' phase with actress Park Boyun. Although Park Boyun's company has dismissed the actress's speculated relationship with ASTRO's Rocky, his denial does not necessarily refute the allegations.

"Rocky and actress Park Boyun are currently in the stage of getting to know each other little by little with good feelings, as it became known through media reports," Fantagio said in an official statement on 31 October.

The two met through their web drama 'Find Me If You Can,' according to the statement. Park Boyeon, who loves writing, naturally joined Rocky's music project, resulting in the two becoming friends.

Read Fantagio’s full statement below:

Hello, this is Fantagio. This is an official statement regarding our agency artist Rocky.
As revealed through news reports, Rocky and actress Park Bo Yeon are currently getting to know each other with positive feelings.
The two first met through the [web drama] ‘Find Me If You Can,’ and they naturally became close as actress Park Bo Yeon, who enjoys writing, naturally participated in Rocky’s music production. After spending time as acquaintances, they recently developed positive feelings for each other.
We regret to deliver news like this during a national period of mourning in which we should be sharing sadness and consolation. As a result, we ask for the generous understanding of fans regarding the late statement.

Rocky made his ASTRO debut in 2016, while Park Bo Yeon debuted in 2019 with the web drama "One Fine Week." Currently, she can be seen in the SBS drama "Cheer Up."

Park Bo Yeon was sighted attending the musical "The Three Musketeers" starring Rocky on 30 October, sparking dating rumors between the two stars. Park Bo Yeon also co-wrote the words to and did the voice-over for Rocky's solo track "S#1." on ASTRO's album "Drive to the Starry Road."

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Cover Photo Source: Fatnagio, Management KOO

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