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Cover image for aespa Giselle Apologizes For Mouthing Along To Racial Slur
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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aespa Giselle Apologizes For Mouthing Along To Racial Slur

In a recent behind the scenes video uploaded on aespa’s Youtube channel, member Giselle was seen mounthing along to a racial slur while lip syncing to SZA’s Love galore. Fans quickly spotted this moment and expressed their dissatisfaction and disappointment about it. The video was deleted from aespa’s channel shortly afterwards after their label, SM Entertainment noticed the situation.

Now, Giselle has come out to apologize for her mistake herself. She took to aespa’s Twitter account to post,

Hello, this is GISELLE.
I would like to apologize for mouthing the wrongful word from the lyrics of the song that was playing on-site. I had no intentions of doing it with any purpose and got carried away when one of my favorite artist’s song was played. I sincerely apologize.
I will continue to learn and be more conscious of my actions.

A lot of fans were surprised this situation was addressed at all since most of the time labels either delete relevant content and move on quietly, or don’t address issues like this at all.

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