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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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5 Times Tomorrow X Together Has Gone Dark For Their Concept

Tomorrow X Together is coming back and looks like it is going to be their darkest concept yet. They have dipped their toes into dark concepts before but never truly ‘gone dark’ if you know what we mean. And as they are the group who debut with the bright and youthful track Crown and have bubbly and soft gems like Cat and Dog, Blue Hour, Magic Island and Drama, it is always a little shocking to fans when they have a darker edge to their concepts.

As the comeback is looming near, we thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce 5 times they have ‘gone dark’ to prepare ourselves for their comeback.

New Rules
This is the first time Moas saw a darker side to TXT. New Rules is a catchy song from their second mini album, The Dream Chapter: Magic, and a b-side they promoted on music shows alongside the title track, Run Away. The lyrics show the rebellious side of adolescence where someone is tired of the repetitive and conformist cycle of life and wants to break away from it.

Can’t You See Me?
Can’t You See Me is the first title track which hints that TXT might be moving to a darker sound and concept theme in the future. This track from their third mini album, The Dream Chapter: Eternity, sounds haunting and the music video for it has some really dark themes and scenes.

Another song from TXT’s third mini album, The Dream Chapter: Eternity, Puma gave us dark TXT at its finest. The music video is the epitome of a Kpop ‘dark concept’ and we mean it when we say some imagery from it truly frightened us. The choreography for the track is also wonderful and fits the concept very well - but that isn’t really surprising since TXT’s choregraphies are always great.

I Know I Love You/Loser Lover
We are jointly mentioning these two tracks because they are from the same era - one from the studio album and the other from the repackaged album. I Know I Love You ushered in the punk-rock trend to Kpop. We’re not saying it hasn’t been done before but this track and Loser Lover definitely played a big part in making this sound and concept trendy in the Kpop sphere recently. The members of TXT truly sound and look like punk/rock musicians. They even let go of their signature sharp choreography for the sake of fitting into this concept.

Although from the same era and album as I Know I Love You and Loser Lover, Frost definitely deserves to be mentioned on its own. The track is perfect for closing off their first full album, The Chaos Chapter: Freeze. It could be categorized as a hyperpop song that has obvious hiphop influence over a EDM-esq beat. Huening Kai’s opening laughter tells you how the whole song sounds - menacing and unnerving. Again, although the track has a beautiful music video, we want to direct you to the dance video to point out the wonderful choreography and the members’ perfect portrayal of the mad and obsessed men.

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