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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Who Do Korean Teens Pick As Their Favorite 4th Gen Idol Groups?

The results might surprise you a little!

Cosmopolitan Korea recently conducted multiple surveys regarding Kpop and the one that has been creating quite a buzz among fans online the survey that asked Korean teens and pre-teens (aged 10 to 19) to name the 4th generation idol groups that they expect to be big in the next few years. Some of the results from this survey are more than a little surprising because some groups that are very popular among international fans aren’t mentioned in the survey and other groups that haven’t gained as much traction internationally seem to be taking off in Korea.

Here are the results of the survey.

Girl Groups

4. Weekly with 6.6% votes

3. Itzy with 15.4% votes

2. StayC with 22.9% votes

1. Aespa with 46.2% votes

Bonus: Other girl groups combined with 8.9% votes

Boy Groups

6. Ateez with 2% votes

5. Enhypen with 2.6% votes

4. NCT with 4% votes

3. Stray Kids with 15.5% votes
Stray Kids

2. Tomorrow X Together with 32.4% votes
Tomorrow X Together

1. The Boyz with 33.5% votes
The Boyz

What are your thoughts on these placements? Let us know below!

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