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Cover image for Twice Nayeon Debuts With A Pop (Nayeon Pop Review)
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Twice Nayeon Debuts With A Pop (Nayeon Pop Review)

In mere four months, Twice will celebrate their seventh year anniversary since their debut as a full group back in October 2015. They have achieved incredible success as a group - almost right from their debut. So, we feel a solo comeback from one of the members of the group is long overdue. Recently, their company, JYP Entertainment finally decided to give into the fans’ demands about a Twice solo and as the center and oldest member of the group, Nayeon has become the first Twice member to debut solo.

On 24 June, Nayeon dropped Pop showcasing her star factor that even Mr. JYP himself has been raving about since Twice’s Sixteen days. As its name suggests, Pop is a pure pop track. It encapsulates the quintessential early Twice sound that has been largely missing in the current girl crush era of Kpop girl groups - post Blackpink and Itzy. The driving chorus melody and the repetitive ‘pop’ hook are the most memorable parts from the song and that is saying something since the rest of the song is pretty catchy itself.

JYP Entertainment seems to have invested quite a bit on this debut. The music video is seriously high budget with great sets, backdrops and shots. Nayeon is also glammed out in over 10 outfits in the music video. Although the choreography isn’t as impactful as the other elements of this track, Nayeon’s stage presence and bright smiles more than make up for the Tiktok-esq quality of the hook choreo.

All in all, Pop seems like a perfect track to kick-start Twice’s venture into solo releases. Plus it seems tailor made for Nayeon, and her bubbly and upbeat personality which is shown off in the song.

Check out the full music video below!

What do you think about Nayeon’s Pop? Tell us in the comments!

Cover Photo Source: Twitter/JYPETWICE

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